Not all watches can have more value to be a promising investment. If you intend to make it an investment, you need to pay attention to the following tips.

  1. Choose a brand
    Luxury watches have always been synonymous with leading brands. There’s a reason why you should pay attention to the brand when it comes to investing in a watch. First, watches with luxury brands will have a higher price, the longer the price will go up. The second is that watch collectors do not hesitate to buy luxury brand watches at high prices, especially if the clock is getting harder and harder to find.
  2. Take a look at these three standout models
    There are several models of watches that you need to pay attention to. The reason is, these 3 watches have a significant increase so that they are ideal for investment. The Cartier Santos W2002C4 has a 57 percent increase in value over three years, the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera CAV511B.FC6231 has even increased its value to a third of its original price, and finally the Rolex Datejust 16264 which has a 54 percent increase over three years.
  3. Choose something unique
    Making a watch as a form of investment is not only armed with a love for a clock model. There are several aspects that need to be considered, including the matter of its uniqueness. The unique design can add to the selling value of the watch later. In addition, the limited edition will also generate coffers of money generated from the investment of hours.
  4. Do Research
    As with other investments, you need to do research to make sure the investment is successful and does not fail. Research what watches will be profitable, how they will increase in value in the future. Make sure you don’t buy expensive luxury watches if your intention is to invest.
  5. Be patient if you want to sell
    Profits from investments cannot be made overnight, although there are also clock prices that rise rapidly. The key to investing is patience. Know when is the right time to buy and sell.
  6. If you are ready to invest, get help from the experts
    Learning the right way of investing directly with the experts is the most appropriate and wise choice. The money you spend is not small. You need someone who is really an expert on this investment to guide you as a beginner.
  7. Pay attention to the costs that need to be incurred
    The costs that need to be accumulated are not only about the purchase price, but also maintenance costs, especially service. Don’t let the watch be sold at a higher price, but if you calculate it you will actually lose because of the unaccumulated maintenance and service costs.
  8. Limit five to ten percent of investment funds to buy watches
    Self-control is important, including when you want to invest. Even though it is tempting, you need to control yourself about the funds that need to be spent. Ideally, the money for this watch investment is around five to 10 percent of income. That way, investment funds and other needed funds will remain under control.
  9. Pay attention to special collaborations
    A special collaboration is something to look forward to when you want to buy a watch for investment. Although the price may not be far from the most expensive watches in the world. Specialized collaborations often come at a high price, but these investments are promising.