Founder Mrs Mary  Jo (My late Mother) has worked as a watchmaker since 1997. Trained in Switzerland, she spent decades as the go-to watch supply specialist in Los Angeles before applying her knowledge of the mechanics and the market to her very own business.

The company was founded in Fullerton, California by Mrs Mary Jo (Mother) and now run by Ms Maria Marilyn Jo – “MMJ” (daughter), the current Owner and Chief Executive of Bay Street Watch Line today. The company operates as an independent contractor with clients  in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston ,Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto, London, Vancouver and Dallas just to mention a few.

She combines this learning with experience in management consulting, startups, and concierge services to assist the Bay Street Watch Line  team in striving toward its ambitious and innovative goals, and to assist our valued clients in locating the rare timepieces that will remain in their families for generations. An animal lover and tennis fan, you will find Maria spending her free time with her pets, playing matches with friends and attending local community programs.

As the Chief Executive Officer of a multi-million dollar watch design/sales company. Maria’s work never stops. But when you ask this busy, energetic woman how she describes herself, she doesn’t hesitate in saying, “I’m a Christian first.” “I strongly believe in honesty, dignity and integrity.” Maria said.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management (University of Aruba, Aruba).